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How to Exterminate the Anthro-Hyena

Actually you can't exterminate them.  They dwell in the depths of life forms everywhere. In good times they are asleep.  In bad times they rule the world, spilling blood copiously. Not their blood  - the blood of their victims.

Homo Sapien
But how can humanity survive this threat? Like Thomas Paine's answer to the price of freedom - it's eternal vigilance.

Vigilance to what? The many ways humankind has chosen the will to power which normalizes oppression. Below is a list of habits that will maintain our relationship to the world and silence the Anthro-Hyena.

1. Question every decision that will affect the most vulnerable.
2. Reject notions of superiority. You are not superior. No-one is.
3. Listen to others.
4. Eschew violence wherever it is.
5. Admit to being vulnerable because we all are.
6. Write a list of all the times you felt oppressed but kept silent.  What kept you silent?
7. Apologize to those you have hurt.
8. Engage in difficult conversations with an open mind and heart.
9. Let go of being right.
10. Ask your inner child for their opinion of who you have become.
11. Know you belong here.
12. Get used to the fact that all who are here belong here.
13. Don't attempt to make others do what you want them to.
14. Take care of your home and all who live in it.

There is no magic in this. It is not a recipe for saving the world. It is a primer for keeping a society civil so that we can live together without causing harm. Be prepared for hard work without thanks. As the poet Mary Oliver says - you do not have to be good.


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