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Missing and Murdered Women in Canada

CBC has a page documenting all the murdered and missing Aboriginal Women since the 1950's. Every decade, apart from the last sees more women murdered or missing. The highest counts are west of Saskatchewan with British Columbia having the highest.

What do we know of these provinces? They are governed by conservative parties that are pro-business. They are resource driven economies. Is there a link between these and racism? Does the kind of economy define the social attitudes?

They Should Party

I propose a new federal and provincial political party called "They Should".  This would bring a lot of Canadians together.  We love to say what "they" should do.  "They" are the ones who cause the problems in our world. We notice everything that "they" do and we are not happy about it.

We, on the other hand, are struggling to get through the day's "shoulds" to help the friends we like and the family we would love if "they" did what we think "they" should do.

We make sure we are well groomed before we leave our houses. We get our news from network television so that we can make "responsible" choices. We join groups that are just like us because we don't want to be part of a group who cause problems by being different or expressing disturbing points of view.  And mostly we don't want to tell them what is wrong because that would make us feel we are not nice.

The more we participate in our like…