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Now is the time to talk about climate change

Naomi Klein interviewed by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, lays open the locked doors of a politics that condemns all life of the Americas, and eventually all people of Europe and Asia. 

There is so much bad news right now you might feel like turning off all the media in order to find some inner peace. But there won't be any if we cannot impress on our leaders their first duty is to serve the people and the future of this earth. 

Visit this here to watch the video  Now is the time to talk about climate change.

Fear of Social Conscience

Have you noticed how some of your relatives and friends get irritated when you mention a social issue that is not directly related to them?

Perhaps you are enjoying a good cup of coffee and a donut as you share 'what's up', and you blurt something about the threat to wild salmon, Neo Nazis in Charlottesville, or some other issue. And suddenly everything goes quiet while someone around that table gives you the evil eye.

Have you noticed in groups how some hate those who are sensitized to issues of injustice? One or two members of a board or club will target an anti-racist, a feminist, or environmentalist, who speaks up? Or mobbing at a University - how often is the target a person who has expressed a desire for social justice?

At dinner parties have you noticed if anyone mentions equal pay, equal respect, violence toward a specific group - they are quickly interrupted and the subject changed?

Why is this? Is it because we want to feel safe, that the world is just, and our co-wo…


In this progressive and diverse community there have been incidents of public racism and homophobia. There is neo-Nazi support from people in powerful positions. Once, not long ago, these incidents were met with jaw dropping shock because, well, we knew better didn’t we? But those who are targeted are attacked on a very deep level.
What can we do? We can’t muzzle homophobic white supremacists but we can call out against their rhetoric.  We can examine the source of the phenomenon. 
Racism is not about the colour of your skin; anti-Semitism is not about where you pray;  and homophobia is not about who you love.  All of these are about our fundamental homelessness in a world that measures our worth by the things we own.
If we are valued by our degrees, positions, homes and cars – then the blood running through our veins, the ideas in our minds, or our desire to survive have no worth. There is nothing like marketing to bring home this point, and nothing like consumerism to confirm it. …

The Heart Will Not Be Managed

That is what they told me as I strolled through their territory. They said you can cut us all down but our roots will find a way over or under other roots. They say look at how we shield the thinnest branches and the softest leaves without telling how or where to grow. We house birds of all kinds no matter how they live or what they believe.  We don’t ask for love from mice or loyalty from snakes. We have not created by-laws here, demanding that neighbours sign before entering. We don’t judge. When something invades our sky and we cannot reach the light we grow in a different direction.
They ask me to look at my own ancestors for the proof, put your gears in reverse and look  at where you came from as you ventured slowly out of the ocean with new found legs looking  for something to eat. Then look at the first mother  and the first father how they laughed and how they cried  never questioning the authenticity of their tears. 
Look at you they say. Look at how you survived  your first breath, learned how to…

Confronting Evil

by Russell McNeil

"Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me." ~ Martin Niemöller

While I appreciate that a few of my friends are supportive of the US President, I have reached the end of my own psychological rope on this. My own personal daily reaction to the outrages of this imbalanced man is visceral. I have tried to understand your points-of-view. But I can no longer tolerate your positions. For me this man is my daily nightmare. I wake every morning and go to the news feeds to see what new desecrations Donald Trump has committed. I am never disappointed.

I do not believe that people are inherently evil. I do believe that the actions that Donald Trump have taken are having evil consequences. I was raised in a religious environment. I was taught the differences between right and wrong. I was taught that bullying defenseless people is wrong. I was taught that words have consequences. I was taught that preying on the weak, the young, the voiceless and…

Recalibrating the System

System is the word I use to describe that collection of values and habits that form our society. We could call it - the world, truth, reality, democracy or capitalism - but whatever we call it we must engage with it. 
It isn’t always fair. The system seems to be indifferent towards our needs and wishes but we are not free of it until we die. Anger, love, hate, indifference, are some of the emotions we feel but we learn to adjust our responses for the least pain possible. 

Sometimes we will not submit and we find ways to change the system by talking, listening and planning to recalibrate. This is the politics that rarely gets covered publicly, although there are voices quick to claim failure or success at the end of all our work.
This post reflects on some of the initial stages of making changes. 
Examine Anger
Anger is a natural response to feeling threatened. Injustice, racism, phobia tow…

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Love everyone
Hate no-one
Move to the edge

(Infinite Power, Ekstasis 2016)

David Brooks on How to Roll Back Fanaticism

"In fact, the most powerful answer to fanaticism is modesty. Modesty is an epistemology directly opposed to the conspiracy mongering mind-set. It means having the courage to understand that the world is too complicated to fit into one political belief system. It means understanding there are no easy answers or malevolent conspiracies that can explain the big political questions or the existential problems. Progress is not made by crushing some swarm of malevolent foes; it’s made by finding balance between competing truths — between freedom and security, diversity and solidarity. There’s always going to be counter-evidence and mystery. There is no final arrangement that will end conflict, just endless searching and adjustment."  David Brooks, New York Times


Whitman, Emerson and Thoreau died in America.
Four boys escaped Lejac and froze to death on the lake near home.
The army in Uzbekistan executed children as an example.
We are not really toilet trained. We are trained to believe we are.
I have learned how to scream
with my mouth closed.

from Infinite Power, Ekstasis 2016

How to Fight Terrorism

Again my heart goes out to the people who have lost loved ones in the violence done by white supremacists, religious extremists and all those who are convinced they have identified the true enemy. My heart goes out to first responders who will be traumatized by the images of destruction. It is outrageous that so few  can  destroy so many. The appetite for revenge is primal but revenge will not solve this problem.

So how can we fight that instinct to keep blowing up the blown apart?  Invest in peaceful, healing initiatives that make violence redundant.

1. Invest in mental health services to give those at risk the help they need before their illness isolates them from society.

2. Re-establish the primary needs of people - shelter, nutritious food, education, living wages and time for family.

3. Support families by providing health services, family planning, women's reproductive education.

4. Sex education that covers the real experiences of young men and women on top of the scienti…

A Teachable Moment From the Fire Chief

"If you are sitting at the coop gas pump, while tanker is filling the fuel system, don't light a cigarette. If you do and someone gestures not to do that, don't give them the finger and launch into a swearing and threatening tirade against them, especially with your kid in the car. Not only does this make you an extreme moron, but a moron who likely throws his butts out the car window and is also enabling the next generation of morons." Rick D. Jackson

Our whole island is at risk when even one person cannot see the danger in their actions in the middle of a dry hot spell with forests all around us. Our species is in danger when social institutions are unable to convince individuals we are all in this together.


The Wakans cordially invite you to
Elias Wakan: Sculpture (some of the smaller pieces will be up for silent auction)

Naomi Beth Wakan: Books (including her recent title, “Back and Forth”) and her now famous poetry bags.
Time: Sunday, August 27th, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Place: 3085 Mander Road (first road to the right off Stalker) Refreshments Everyone Welcome (family, friends and house guests are welcome too ) 10% of the sales will go to The Commons This is a free event Info:

Off-islanders, there is good swimming close by.

Naomi Beth Wakan 3085 Mander Rd Gabriola, BC,  V0R 1X7

Defending Democracy: by Russell McNeil

Why I am fighting for the survival of democracy, and why you must too: The Greek idea of democracy and the Roman idea of civitas are not just clever governing principles. They are concepts deeply embedded in - and part of - the natural law of the universe. Defending democracy isn't an option. You and I are required to defend democracy with every fiber of our intellect - even to the death. We have no option here. Read on:

The only stoic commandment (more a direction than a “commandment”) is to “live according to nature.” This means we are directed by nature to exercise virtue-based critical thinking in all that we do. Nature, meaning nature’s law, is the model we follow, because nature’s law is perfect; it is beautiful as all perfect things must be; and, we are drawn to beauty, through an attraction called love; and love brings us to the place where beauty and truth converge. We are drawn to the Law by our love of its beauty. When we get close we behold its truth. As a physicist/sc…