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Five Tribes of the Global Consumer World.

Heritage, religion. class and nationality are no longer the things that describe who I am, nor do I believe it adequately describes the people I meet, or the people represented as types in the news media.
Political labels such as Conservative and Liberal do not really describe political parties that have learned to adapt in order to gain the most votes. Labels are superficial and often serve only to promote propaganda.
Perhaps we are more stereotypical in our group associations than we would like to believe, and the intelligence required to fly airplanes, perform medical surgeries, teach physics or any other achievement, just crumbles away when we choose leaders. Or the system fails to bring us what we think we voted for.

I propose that we might have five world views which could be seen as tribal persuasions: The Fronters, Freshskins, Strategists, Greeds and Transcendents.
The Fronters These are the people who have never known protection or security. They feel they are continually be…

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau and delegates to the UN climate conference

It’s time for Canada to become a global climate action leader. 
With policy-makers representing all levels of government coming together in Paris for the United Nations climate conference, Canada has an unprecedented opportunity to emerge as a front-runner on the road to developing a stronger, cleaner global economy. 
To seize this opportunity, leaders like you must work together in the best interests of all Canadians. The policies and technologies needed to solve the climate crisis already exist and are being used across the country. 
I urge you to advocate for these five outcomes from Canada in Paris: 
1. A responsible plan with clear, ambitious targets to cut carbon emissions. 2. A national price on carbon emissions to accelerate solutions.  3. Investment in green and low-carbon infrastructure like transit and renewable energy.  4. Strong efficiency standards for vehicles and buildings.  5. A fair commitment to support developing nations in pursuing sustainable economies. 
As our leaders, y…