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For Loretta Saunders

I dedicate this page after reading the article by Darryl Leroux in Halifax Media Co-op, to the family of a bright and courageous woman, and to all people who have been sacrificed to the institutionalized hegemony of power over life.

The Field Mice: a Folk Tale for Adults

Long ago in the olden days, field mice knew the meaning of life: to gather nuts and seeds no matter how cold or wet, how hot or windy, and to bring them back to the nest.
Were they happy? Who knew? There were seasons. There was birth and there was death, but no time to contemplate and no philosophers in the field.
Then came the hyenas across the river, hidden by long grasses, salivating at the sight of tender fresh meat. And these were not your common or jungle variety. These were a new breed who could plan, who saw ways of making the larder last longer.
In the river were beavers busy building dams. They looked too dank and tough to eat but the hyenas saw that they could be useful and entered into a contract called The Trans-River Deal which promised greater status for the beavers and wealth for hyenas.
Ah, a new way of seeing the world thought the beavers and they called it “The Economy”. Congratulating themselves on their ability to analyse and re-frame reality, they found ways of …

David Suzuki Foundation: Pete Seeger: "From way up here the Earth looks very small"