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About Humanity

"A chosen people is the opposite of a master race, first, because it is not a race but a covenant; second because it exists to serve God, not to master others. A master race worships itself, a chosen people worships something beyond itself. A master race believes it has rights; a chosen people knows only that it has responsibilities." Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Not in God's Name, Schocken, New York. 2015.

As someone who does not identify as a chosen people or part of a master race, I ruminate about how to respond to the world, particularly that part of the world I cannot endorse. So I am comforted by the people who have taken on ministry and who feel responsible enough to care for community.

How do I act on a feeling of responsibility without assuming that I know what other people should do, or what we should do? It's very easy to slip into a political preaching that suggests I know, or that my being a good example means that others should follow it. Or worse yet, create…

Four-Day Literary Festival Feature The Best In BC Writers

NANAIMO - The Federation of British Columbia Writers is hosting a four-day spring festival in Nanaimo  April 27-30 that will bring Giller Prize nominees and top BC writing talent to the city.  The theme of the festival is “The Stories That Find Us”  a diverse exploration of what compels writers   to write what they write and tell what they tell. 🌱🌱🌱
The festival’s affordable schedule includes a wide range of fun events that will appeal to writers of all abilities and genres. From master classes to workshops, evenings of gala entertainment, a day-long poetry retreat, indigenous story-telling and drumming, a Saturday publishing fair, blue pencil sessions with authors, scheduled writer hangouts, sidewalk games that include an intriguing poetry “treasure hunt” -- the list goes on.

Scheduled writers: poet, novelist and Giller Prize nominee Steven Price two-time Giller Prize nominee Kathy Page Canada Reads finalist and 2011/12 MacEwan Book of the Year winner Angie Abdou novelist Jennifer Manuel (wh…

Beyond Politics of Anger - Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

"Hope is not optimism. It begins with a candid acknowledgment on all sides of how bad things actually are." So says Rabbi Jonathan Sacks after the election of Trump.

Sometimes I feel I am drowning in the weight of hopelessness, a global system that has thrown humanity under the economic bus. But we need a prophetic voice that looks beyond this moment to a future we can invest in.

Jonathan Sacks provides a wisdom that brings us to where we are now and reminds us of a way through."We need a new economics of capitalism with a human face."

This is the crux of leadership - to not choose contempt for humanity, to not sink into a worship of power that has been extracted from humanity, to not strip the tears, pain and flesh off the world and lock up the gold.

"We have seen bankers and corporate executives behaving outrageously, awarding themselves vast payments while the human cost has been borne by those who can afford it least. We have heard free-market economics in…

Local Wisdom, Local Poets, March 23

🖋 Literacy Central Vancouver Island 🖋 are hosting an evening “Celebrating 8 Local Authors” Readings and discussions on Thursday, March 23rd 5:00pm – 7:00pm Choose your authors at:

 Barrie Farrell, Carol Matthews, Guy Dauncey, 
Naomi Wakan

6:00pm  Peter McMullan, Brian Harvey, Lynda Archer, 
Debbie Marshall
Downtown Nanaimo 19 Commercial Street $5.00 admission – appies and juice provided Come and support our fabulous local writers!

Global Chalice Lighting

English We light this chalice in union with those who are suffering because of their belief, of poverty, sickness, unemployment, persecution, exile, prison; for the absent, those who are dying, to those who are burdened by work. May love, joy and peace reign in the world and may freedom and tolerance be our virtues. by Uwayisaba Clement from the Rwanda Unitarian Church
Kinyarwanda Ducanye uru rumuri twifatanije n’abantu bose bababaye kubera bazira ukwemera kwabo, kubera ubukene, kubera indwara, kubera uburwayi, kubura akazi, gutotezwa, ubuhunzi no kuba imfungwa. Bababajwe no kubura ababo, abari mu bihe bya nyuma n’abandi baremerewe n’akazi; Urukundo, ibyishimo n’amahoro biganze mu isi yose, kwishyira ukizana n’ubworoherane biturange.  French Nous allumons ce calice en union avec ceux et celles qui souffrent  a cause de leur croyance, de la pauvreté, maladie, chômage, persécution, exil, prison;  pour les absents, les agonisants, ceux et celle qui sont accablés par le travail; Puisse l’amour,…

All Souls Unitarian Church Solidarity Sing - Washington, DC