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Visit Planet SARK

If you feel Planet Earth has been hijacked by Planet Mars you might want to visit Planet SARK

It was built by Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy and she explains her mission as "international well-being and transformation". Her purpose is to be "a transformer, an uplifter and a laser beam of love" and she has created an inspirational playground for all who visit her website.  You can get newsletter and other stuff here:

Her art and posters you will find re-posted on Facebook - they are delicious and wise.

Five Reasons B.C. Should Say No to the Site C Dam

1. It's bad business.
2. There are cost-effective alternatives.
3. The power isn't needed.
4. We can't afford to flood farmland.
5. The Peace has paid its price.

visit the post by Emma Gilchrist on Desmog Canada

And from David Suzuki:
"B.C. First Nations chiefs recently travelled to Ottawa to urge the federal government to pull the plug on the costliest infrastructure project in the country. At an estimated $7.9 billion and growing, the proposed Site C Dam on the beautiful Peace River in northeastern B.C. has been criticized for spiralling costs, questions about whether the electricity it would produce is even needed, and concerns about the environmental and social impacts of flooding thousands of hectares of prime farmland, irreplaceable cultural sites and wildlife habitat. The government is expected to make a decision in October."