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The Anthro-Hyena

In an earlier post I proposed a  new class system consisting of Anthro-Hyenas, Gate-Beavers and Field Mice.  This post is a closer look at the Anthro-Hyena.

The anthro-hyena is a hyena in character with human intelligence. A creature not confined by capacity or ability but by narrow vision.  He/She seems unable to connect his/her actions with outcomes unless the outcome benefits the self. The anthro-hyena is capable of creating tools, weapons, machines, systems and alliances that may destroy millions of people or hectares of land, but lacks feelings of remorse or reflection on the harmful results. The anthro-hyena is not a person with a personality disorder, or incapable of feeling empathy - but exhibits a reverse of empathy, in that he/she gets a greater sense of power and accomplishment based on the numbers of those harmed or the area of control.

It's important to point out, that the anthro-hyena is not defined by a particular religion, gender or socio-economic class, but by their focus on power as the basis of life's meaning.

The four legged hyena is satisfied with enough food to eat but the anthro-hyena keeps grasping for more of whatever is out there.  Their mantra is a whisper  held almost under the breath, repeated over and over again  - "wotsinitforme".

They are often but not always, highly educated, well dressed and show impeccable manners. This is to enable their upward mobility.  They are very skilled at manipulation, and can be found in the clubs and back rooms of the most influential and powerful institutions. They seek careers in the police force, the military, law, education, politics, finance, management - not for the love of the discipline, or to help and protect, but for the power invested in the position.

The extent to which the anthro-hyena is successful  depends on his or her ability to groom others for their own benefit. They crave followers and adoration but feel no loyalty towards anyone or anything unless it elevates their interests.  The truly genius among them gain enormous powers of influence without any notoriety or fame. They manipulate and control yet always manage to escape blame for the crises they create.

The world of wealth and power is controlled by the anthro-hyena, but they are not entirely the cause of all that is unjust and evil. They succeed because of the work and discipline of the gate-beavers, and the ignorance of the field mice.


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