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Re-blogged from Woodlake Publishing Inc: Something There Is That Doesn't Love a Teacher

by Susan McCaslin Some serious teacher bashing is going on in British Columbia right now. Shelly Fralic, a journalist for theVancouver Sun, recently exploited her personal issue of teachers parking their vehicles on a public street in front of her house as a means of arousing hatred against teachers for their “sense of entitlement.”¹ Teachers, she suggested, are lazy buggers who work from 8 till 3 and then get the summers off. Her piece was perfectly timed to arouse animosity, coming out just after the BC Liberal government had threatened that if teachers proceeded with their intended job action, the government would retaliate by cutting, not increasing, their pay. First, I must come clean as a retired educator who taught at a local college in B.C. for 23 years, and before that as instructor, sessional lecturer, and teaching assistant. I began teaching in 1969 but knew I wanted to be a teacher when I was in grade 8. Teaching has been for me not just a job, but a vocation (a true call…

What's Happening Here

May 14, 2014
Dr. Robert Buckingham, a tenured professor, Dean of the School for Public Health was fired and escorted off campus for publicly criticizing a restructuring plan at the University of Saskatchewan. Crawford Killian, The Tyee.

May 19, 2014
Cecily McMillan was sentenced to 3 months in prison. The Occupy activist was grabbed from behind by a plainclothes policeman, and responded by elbowing him in the face. She was severely beaten and handcuffed to a hospital bed, by police. Chris Hedges. Truthdig.

May 20, 2014
New research shows more than 20 million people worldwide are working as modern-day slaves and generating billions of dollars worth of illegal profits annually. Jacqueline Nelson. Globe and Mail

May 21, 2014
Amnesty International reveals legal scholar and human rights activist, Xu Zhiyong was sentenced to four years in jail for organizing "Same-city Eat-drink gatherings". Amnesty International
May 22, 2014
Effective Monday, May 26, BC Government will dock 5 % of teacher…

George Monbiot on Climate Change and Denial

Chris Hedges on The Power of Imagination

"Shakespeare portrays the tension between the premodern and the modern. He sees the rise of the modern as dangerous. The premodern reserved a place in the cosmos for human imagination. The new, modern, Machiavellian ethic of self-promotion, manipulation, bureaucracy and deceit—personified by Iago, Richard III and Lady Macbeth—deformed human society. Shakespeare lived during a moment when the modern world—whose technology allowed it to acquire weapons of such unrivaled force that it could conquer whole empires, including the Americas and later China—instilled through violence this new secular religion. He feared its demonic power."
Truthdig May 11, 2014

On CF-18s for NATO operation in Eastern Europe

From Tom Mulcair:
To be clear, the Russian Federation's annexation of Crimea and provocations in Eastern Ukraine are as unacceptable as they are illegal. And like our allies, we've been unequivocal in condemning Russia's military intervention and in calling for a diplomatic solution to this crisis.  However, after turning their backs on international engagement for years, the Conservatives have now severely constricted our country's ability to play a constructive role.

We must reassure our partners in Eastern Europe of our firm commitment to their sovereignty, stability, and security. But it's not enough for Canada to simply posture and take potshots. Instead, we must step up our diplomatic efforts in the region because a political resolution remains the only path to long-term stability.

Canada's reputation as an independent and principled member of the international community was a cornerstone for some of our country's greatest accomplishments in…