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Humanity - a Post Mortem Audit?

"The immersive and inescapable way children and teens are exposed to violence in their "media diet" on social media apps, video games and movies can make them more aggressive and fearful, the American Academy of Pediatrics says in a new policy statement." CBC.CA 

There is no doubt in my mind that a diet of violent entertainment disturbs my equilibrium. Even though I am a senior and have many years experience of living in a reciprocal community, TV dramas make me feel insecure on a vague, semi-conscious level. 

Children and teens have not yet developed their own survival skills and independence, so they are vulnerable to  messages wherever they come from.  

Also there is very little in the media that doesn't "bleed" and there are very few examples of people solving real problems. 

Have we become unconscious of how we internalize the messages that we know intellectually are fiction? The fast moving narrative of violence everywhere? After the music, images a…

After the Wedding

For the last two weeks my environment has been full of celebration, games, talk, food, wine and catching up with family. Listening for the urgent needs of babes and young ones. Endless used cups, plates and utensils covering every available surface. Used tissues discarded in every room. Stacks of dirty washing, leftover food, crowded fridge. Trying to remember all the things we hope to do during the day,realizing by nightfall most did not get done.

Sleeping bodies strewn across passageways, couches and mattresses at night. Stepping cautiously over toys, boxes and feet, during the day.

Now the wedding is over, time to think about what it all means. The deeds are done. The youngest daughter and son-in-law are married.  The cousins have met, brothers and sisters from three continents have reconnected.

So how do I feel now?  Gratitude for the gathering, the good weather, the rain, meeting in-laws, friends, eating and drinking. The image of the beautiful bride, the handsome groom, and at…