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How to Exterminate the Anthro-Hyena

Actually you can't exterminate them.  They dwell in the depths of life forms everywhere. In good times they are asleep.  In bad times they rule the world, spilling blood copiously. Not their blood  - the blood of their victims.

But how can humanity survive this threat? Like Thomas Paine's answer to the price of freedom - it's eternal vigilance.

Vigilance to what? The many ways humankind has chosen the will to power which normalizes oppression. Below is a list of habits that will maintain our relationship to the world and silence the Anthro-Hyena.

1. Question every decision that will affect the most vulnerable.
2. Reject notions of superiority. You are not superior. No-one is.
3. Listen to others.
4. Eschew violence wherever it is.
5. Admit to being vulnerable because we all are.
6. Write a list of all the times you felt oppressed but kept silent.  What kept you silent?
7. Apologize to those you have hurt.
8. Engage in difficult conversations with an open mind and heart…

The Last Conspiracy Theory

While many hotly debated arguments raise the blood pressure of oppressed citizens, much attention is directed toward the need to get the facts straight. Who is causing what, who is to blame, and how to exterminate them.
All of the previously named culprits – capitalists, communists, patriarchs, narcissists, psychopaths or fascists, are not the cause. They are the carriers of something much more destructive and dangerous.
The Anthro-Hyena!
No you haven’t read about this before. You have never seen it, or heard it, and you won’t. The Anthro-Hyena blends into any group it seeks to dominate and control. It appears like any charismatic professional or business person. It professes an interest in the greater good, single-mindedly through stealth and charm.  The outcome however, to the shock of cohorts and witnesses, is destruction and chaos which occurs long after the Anthro-Hyena has left.
The MO of the Anthro-Hyena, revealed through centuries of revolution, war,  regime and ideology chang…

Charter for Compassion: Promoting Peace

"As a 9/11 family member, this topic of peace is profoundly important to me. My brother, Donald Freeman Greene, having hugged his beloved wife and young children goodbye, headed off on an early flight on September 11, 2001 to visit our siblings on the West Coast. He died on that beautiful morning as a passenger aboard United Flight 93. Young men, deluded into thinking that they were acting in accordance to their religion’s beliefs and/or to benefit their people, had taken over the plane in an act of extreme violence. Their intent to use the airplane as a weapon, most likely aimed at the United States Capitol, was thwarted by passengers who came together to retake control of the cockpit." Terry Greene

Read the full article on Charter for Compassion: Promoting Peace website.

What Does It Mean To Be Human?

Write a list of the tasks you started or finished today. Write a list of the people you helped or who helped you. Write the name of those whose smile uplift your spirits when you see them.  Make a list of the people you worry about or would like to help but don't know how.

Now write a list of world problems you read or hear about in the media.

Which is the longest list?

If the list in the first paragraph is the longest then you are engaged in the process of being human.  If the list in the second paragraph is longer then you need to go back and check the first paragraph. It could be you have not observed all the things you have done, all the people you have helped or who have brightened your life.

All the small things that others don't notice, and the things that are not recognized for prizes or as "achievements", list those. If you washed dishes - list all the times you washed them - breakfast, lunch, supper.

Even the list of those you worry about or don't kno…