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This War Against You

Does every piece of information seem like a threat to your health these days?

The latest news reports include the Robocall scandal and the teacher's strike in BC. The other day I watched a documentary about the pornography that pervades the media and how it affects our sexuality and how young people who don't even know what sex is are becoming brainwashed to believe they must look like porn stars in order to be 'normal'.

When I was a teen I was compelled to be 'in'.  That was in the sixties. The call seemed to be so authoritative that I could not see how my 'programming' was inspired by the corporate media. It took another decade before I was able to look back and see how I, and all my peers, were influenced by the notion that those images presented to us hourly through mainstream entertainments were examples of what we could be if we work at it. And it was another fifty years later where I was able to see how my need for approval has kept me in a stat…

WHO World Cancer Day

A few days ago I received an email asking that I say a small prayer "Dear God - I pray for a cure for cancer. Amen" and then to forward to all my friends.

Since I don't do chain letters I thought I would write this blog post as a prayer to the universal mind for a cure for cancer and by finding the causes of cancer. Not just the many small details of toxic substances, but the overall cause of cancer - that resistance towards embracing the whole world and nurturing the best possible health for it through our work, our practices and our goals.

This takes more than looking to others to find magic cures. Sure we need the researchers and medicine, the scientific experts and world leaders to do what is right, but they are not magicians. We are all the stewards and agents of good health for the mind, the body, the community and the work place.  These are all connected.

Cancer is not just a single disease, it is the symptom of a very sick system that promotes oppression and gre…