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The End of Wisdom? Not yet.

A young white man went into a church in Charlston last week, sat in a prayer meeting then shot the pastor and eight other people because he wanted to start a civil war. How will he benefit from his hate now he is in custody? Of course he won't benefit - he is just another little puppet filled with propaganda, some drugs and sent out to kill.

We could say the white supremacists who filled his damaged mind with hate are to blame. Or the NRA whose members may be sufficiently ignorant to spout beliefs like one of their Board Members who blamed Clemente Pinckney, the murdered pastor, for the deaths of his eight congregants because he didn't carry a gun. Because he voted against a law allowing gun owners to carry concealed weapons without permits?

A childhood friend saw the murderer the morning before the shooting and confessed the pair had never discussed race growing up, but recently heard him spout such racist beliefs as blacks taking over the world. It's an old trope but yo…

The Case of Working with Values and Frames

Bringhurst: Languages are Lifeforms too - We are Greater Than Tar Sands

On July 4th, is organizing communities from coast to coast to take action en masse along and beyond the routes of pipelines like Energy East, Kinder Morgan, Line 9, and Northern Gateway to defend the water, land and climate. 

As we approach one of the most important elections in this country’s history and another round of international climate negotiations, it is crucial for us to unite and demonstrate to our leaders that we are ready for real climate action.
If politicians refuse to lead us. We will lead them.  Check out the link to find an action close to you.