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Five Tribes of the Global Consumer World.

Heritage, religion. class and nationality are no longer the things that describe who I am, nor do I believe it adequately describes the people I meet, or the people represented as types in the news media.

Political labels such as Conservative and Liberal do not really describe political parties that have learned to adapt in order to gain the most votes. Labels are superficial and often serve only to promote propaganda.
Perhaps we are more stereotypical in our group associations than we would like to believe, and the intelligence required to fly airplanes, perform medical surgeries, teach physics or any other achievement, just crumbles away when we choose leaders. Or the system fails to bring us what we think we voted for.

I propose that we might have five world views which could be seen as tribal persuasions: The Fronters, Freshskins, Strategists, Greeds and Transcendents.

The Fronters
These are the people who have never known protection or security. They feel they are continually being cheated materially, psychologically or emotionally. No matter how hard they try to rise above their own sense of injustice or poverty, they feel they can never win. Justified as they may be in their feelings, they cannot grasp the idea of equality or social justice. Political efforts to equalize feel more like something is being taken away rather than given or shared. Their experience of power is an early visceral sense of being a victim of power-over rather than protected by a shared power. They cower from those who have more (as it may appear in charisma, talent, courage or mere bullying) and will vent their fear and anger on those who have less than they. In fact they feel contempt for the victims of injustice rather than sympathy because they cannot cope with identifying with them or allowing the long held rage to explode out towards the oppressive systems.  Being the most psychologically vulnerable, this group is the one most easily manipulated to further oppress the politically vulnerable - minorities, marginalized, homeless, poor, and the sick.  This tribe make up the force behind the gang, the hate group, the mass murderers, the rapists, the suicide bombers.  The Trumps, the Stalins, the Hitlers of this world know this as do that vast anonymous group who fund their campaigns in order to maintain a system of violence and fear. .

The Freshkins
These are the ones who are aware of what is going on around them. They are sensitive, unassuming, compassionate and rarely noticed.  The Freshkins are not comfortable with mass movements or politics. They will engage when it is necessary but it is no fun for them. It’s more likely that Freshkins will be artists and poets, nurses, teachers and healers. They strongly identify with an individual sense of personal responsibility within society. Later in life Freshkins will join movements for the environment, for social justice or will make their names in provocative fields of study.  Freshkins understand how injustice manifests in the neural substrate, and how it magnifies among the general population.  Freshkins quietly harbour broken hearts, but refuse to be bitter or hateful.

The Strategists
These are the ones who seek to organize the world. They eschew sentimentality and focus mostly on the task required once they have a strategy they feel is realistic. The world to them is a chess board, or a mathematical construct, and they make their moves unaware of whether the outcomes hurt anyone.  The world to them is a list of resources and opportunity. They are interested in what will sell, and the financial returns.  They don’t see a connection between their strategies and the effect on social well-being beyond the immediate returns. For Strategists if it can't be measured it doesn't exist. 

The Greeds
Easy to identify they dedicate their lives to acquisition. For the Greeds, money, status, influence, power, followers, fans, stocks, shares, real estate, corporations, fame – is all about accumulating for the sake of accumulating.  It’s not quality or aesthetics that excite the Greeds – it’s possession, having the most and being known for it.  They are not interested in how money can help the world.  Wealth is a zero sum game for the Greeds. There is no point in having money if everyone has it. They seek to have what others can’t have – the biggest diamond, the most mansions, the most power.  They need to be envied or feared. Life is something to own rather than experience. Greeds who are not rich covert it and scheme to become close to to wealthy interests in the hope they will be.

The Transcendents
These are the tribe who quietly live outside of the rules.  They don’t publicly protest, they don’t need approval.  They are guided by an inner sense of fairness. They will not be pinned down or predictable. They do not seek fame or status within society, but are willing to put their own lives on the line rather than be oppressed. Transcendents operate on energy – they are waves not particles. Their sense of right and wrong come from within.

So which of these are you? Is there one you identify with or do you have a blend of more than one? Is there a way to heal the pain of the Fronters, encourage the Freshkins to participate only, find a strategy to bring the tribes together or transcend the conflicts on this planet?


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