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Sheila Haniszewska - on UN resolution condemning "glorification of Nazism"

Memorial to the Jews who perished at the end of WWII*
In November 2014, the Harper Conservative government, along with the USA and Ukraine, voted against a United Nations resolution that condemned the “glorification of Nazism”. This resolution also called for the condemnation of “other practices that contribute to fueling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.” It also asked member nations to take legislative measures in order to stop Holocaust denial.

115 countries supported the resolution, 55 abstained. We were one of the three countries who did not support this

Why isn't this more widely known? This is scandalous. What does this unwillingness to condemn Nazism say about the Harper government? What does it say about Canada? Does this represent our values? Do people need to be reminded what Nazism is? Why did Canada vote this way? 

I think this issue needs to be raised as soon as possible with our current government.

We have the Anti- Terrorism Act, just passed this spring, and yet we are willing to turn a blind eye to Nazis? This is especially significant with the rise of ultra -right forces in many European countries and particularly Ukraine, where the United States and Canada are providing military and other support.

It needs to be an election issue.

(After the Nazi's left Budapest the Arrow Cross party rounded up the remaining Jews, marched them to the river, ordered them to take off their shoes and jump in the river.)


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