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Wishes for 2012

What I hope for us all is peace, in the deepest sense of the word.

That in your workplace you are seen (and respected) as the complex, gifted, individual you are.

That your family see the beauty in you and the world around them. That you appreciate and support one another. That your love is reciprocated.

That your community acknowledges your wealth in terms of what you contribute to the group - empathy, problem solving, ideas, effort, nurture, critical thinking and patience.

That your hopes and desires are aligned with the reality around you, and your expectations arise from a place of integrated kindness and justice.

That you are able to bridge the disappointments with new goals and aspirations, and that your moments of despair are short, alleviated by your resolve to carry on.

That your pain is met with healing from your own body and mind, and from your family and community.

That shame or guilt, if it must arise, is aligned to the pain we have caused (and not to the superficial crimes of failing to live up to artificial fashion) and will ultimately lead to forgiveness and compassion.

That, once and for all, we learn how power and wealth are irrevocably tied to our capacity to distribute and meet human needs for shelter, warmth, food and community; and that we understand there is no single leader who can provide this without the help and commitment from us all.


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About Humanity

"A chosen people is the opposite of a master race, first, because it is not a race but a covenant; second because it exists to serve God, not to master others. A master race worships itself, a chosen people worships something beyond itself. A master race believes it has rights; a chosen people knows only that it has responsibilities." Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Not in God's Name, Schocken, New York. 2015.

As someone who does not identify as a chosen people or part of a master race, I ruminate about how to respond to the world, particularly that part of the world I cannot endorse. So I am comforted by the people who have taken on ministry and who feel responsible enough to care for community.

How do I act on a feeling of responsibility without assuming that I know what other people should do, or what we should do? It's very easy to slip into a political preaching that suggests I know, or that my being a good example means that others should follow it. Or worse yet, create…

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A very important article in The Guardian analyses the rise of hyper-masculinity and the phenomenon of Angry White Men.  "Sociologist Michael Kimmel is one of the world’s foremost experts on the phenomenon. - His recent research has looked at topics including spree killers (who are overwhelmingly male and white), as well as the relationship between masculinity and political extremism."

In the article there is a report on a study on testosterone where 5 monkeys are observed. The one who rises to the top beats up number 2 and number 2 beats up number 3 - and so it goes down to number 5. 

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The Ultimate Goal of Patriarchy is the End of Life

I want to clarify the line between men in general and patriarchal values propagated and imposed on human society.

In order for patriarchy to succeed, it had to kill more efficiently than the nine months gestation it took for a woman to give birth.  So the craft of war  became more than simply defending territory. It became the ritualized erasure of our human nature for the rule of centralized power. 

And no, it hasn't succeeded in diminishing the human population on this planet but it has succeeded in sustaining an ideology of what it means to be a man. 

Civilizations built on myths of great conquerors. Histories about the exploits of the greatest killers. Inventions of race, religious ideology and ritual that transformed the teachings of thoughtful prophets into crusades. Endless games of winning and losing.
Men who celebrate life through medicine, science, education, art, philosophy and poetry must be dismissed as soft, shamed as effeminate. 

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