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A Partisan Poem by Franci Louann

liberal? yes that’s me
small “l” liberal, always have been . . .
small “c” conservative too, conserving, hopefully
conservation is a good word . . .
did I ever vote for Trudeau?
probably     not memorably

that photo of David Anderson with me
and a few others at a picnic in Victoria
must have been circa 1972
I probably voted Liberal that year
probably voted for David
along with a few others on that blanket

David, finally in Ottawa, had a long career
but I don’t remember voting Liberal . . .
Trudeau never embarrassed me
Trudeau did amuse me
I’m proud of Trudeau
but wasn’t part of Trudeau-mania . . .

I’m glad Pierre was older than Al
Margaret younger than I was
but – what was the purpose of this poem?
oh yes – I have voted NDP, I know that
but never so much for the person
'til Jack turned my head . . .

Jack Layton, that smarty-pants-from-Toronto
I’ve been proud of him since his victory speech
at the leadership convention!
time for a dark horse, a bright horse!
our bright hope –
Jack Layton!

written by Franci Louann June 25, 2004, rewritten September 30, 2008


  1. Thanks Janet! Can't wait till Monday!!!
    Disclaimer - I do visit Moody Park Wellness Centre for massage! lol

  2. I've heard that politics makes strange bedfellows, but didn't know it also applied to a blanket. Nice poem Franci. I also fell under JLs spell in Burnaby today. Bought two buttons, one saying "Go Jack Go", preobably inspired by the Canucks, and the other simply "Jack". May all be well and happy. Don Fox


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