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Your Hate Does Not Benefit You

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Who Funds Right Wing Movements?

"In Britain, for example, we now know that the EU referendum was won with the help of widespread cheating. We still don’t know the origins of much of the money spent by the leave campaigns. For example, we have no idea who provided the £435,000 channelled through Scotland, into Northern Ireland, through the coffers of the Democratic Unionist Party and back into Scotland and England, to pay for pro-Brexit ads."Crisis? What crisis?. George Monbiot.

We need to remember that the ordinary voter is not to blame for the way things are. We are encouraged to see things the way multi-million dollar ads suggest and cannot see what information has been deleted. We are subjected to intentional editing all the time.

Democracy can't survive if power is abused and the elected governments seek only to win elections not save their countries. Big business, politicians and media must take responsibility for doing there part to sustain just societies.

A view of Economics which explains a lot - by Fred Guerin

An 'insider' view of why economics programs at the university level nurture sociopathological tendencies in students.

A study published in 1987 by Arjo Klamer and David Colander and then repeated by Colander in 2005 demonstrates that graduate students in economics are far removed from learning or being interested in the real world:

"They compete among each other for ‘technical excellence’ in mathematics so they can solve tricky technical problems but do not think it is important to know anything much about the real world economy nor about the economics literature and history of the discipline that has gone before them. They adopt classic Groupthink characteristics as they are moulded (socialised, brainwashed, choose your own word) by their professors (who then feed them into their own networks for employment etc)."

As the author says, "there is little wonder the profession has very little to say that makes any sense about the real world. It is largely a disgra…

League of Canadian Poets - Poetry Pause Feb. 11

Chris Hedges on the useful propaganda of war

"Military studies have determined that after 60 days of continuous combat, 98 percent of those who survive will have become psychiatric casualties. The common trait among the 2 percent who were able to endure sustained combat was a predisposition toward “aggressive psychopathic personalities." 

Chris Hedges, Peter Jackson's Cartoon War, Truthdig

An excellent piece, as always from Hedges.  Worth reading and re-reading. This is how capitalism managed to turn humanity away from its sensitive intelligence, toward the shallow workforce for profit - the man-made god.

Be Lived on Searchlight 2019

What is Searchlight?

"Searchlight is CBC Music’s long-running hunt for Canada’s undiscovered musical talent, judged by a combination of audience voting and a panel of celebrity judges, who represent a cross-section of the best that the Canadian music industry has to offer."

Leah Hokanson has entered her song "Be Lived"

If you go to the link, go to "Artists" and then put Leah Hokanson in the field ... it will take you to the image of her album cover and the song itself so you can hear it.

A music and sound explorer, with 30 years experience as a vocalist, pianist, conductor, teacher and facilitator, Leah has recently released her first CD. The cover is titled "Be Lived" - an excellent piece of advice for living, which you can play from the website.

Leah's music is rousing, reflective, inspirational and meditational. She has a deep resonance of compassion in her voice and the way she leads the choir. I have learned how healing music can be with …

The Issue is Structural Violence

"The constitution outlines Canada's system of government, as well as the civil rights of all Canadian citizens and those in Canada" Wikipedia.

The law of the land is like a tapestry where new items are added and some old ones deleted.

Values like fashions change. People change. Countries change. Change brings fear and tension. The greater good for all, as boring as that sounds, moves up and down the chart of priorities like the stock market.

Countries, religious institutions, and parts of our civil society may dismiss what is good for all for the sake of their own interests.  Workers are expected to be loyal to the corporation they work for, to be team players, to show willing regardless of how comfortable they are with changes.

It is expected that we do not bring shame to our family, religious congregation, club or profession.

We are to achieve standards recognized as high by the tribe. But there is always the threat of failure: being homeless, alone, hated, cast out - …