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Oil versus Life

Notley versus Horgan or Oil versus Humanity?

The power of oil is absolute.  It's based on money. If you have enough money to buy lawyers and politicians the outcome is predictable.

If the social climate is indifferent to injustice and to the environment, if we are unable to care about what sustains and what threatens and we are simply in awe of new gadgets and fashions we have traded our family for novelty.

If we are unable to see the dire prediction we are in we are addicted to diversion wherever we may find it. The Olympics, TV dramas, Netflix, gambling, alcohol, sex and drugs.

News headlines may present different arguments for saving the economy or saving the environment, from different experts, and may run to mass shootings, bombings, cruelty and evil deeds, but it all comes down to the same thing: do we care enough to be engaged.

Do we care if so many bad news stories indicate the madness of our so-called leaders versus the vulnerability of courageous minds attempting to defend justice?

Would we rather sound clever, knowledgeable, powerful, in our conversations rather than admit to our vulnerability?  Would we rather laugh and cheer on the bully that cannot lose rather than admit we are part of his/her dinner?

Council of Canadians has offered changes to the NAFTA agreement that doesn't protect the rights of the oil industry over and above the rights of the people who live near the pipelines. Here's your own toolkit


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